The East Coast 4x4 Campers Story

Conceived at the dinner table of our Newcastle family home, EC4 Campers the idea came to life.

Surf, travel, sand and building beach campers was already our next generations way of life. Travel was what they knew, from well before school age.

From here we offer to you, the experience of exploring our unique  country, your own way.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”


EC4 Premium 4wd campers

With a strong focus on quality and ease of setup, pack down, we’ve taken every awesome idea from every van, camper, motorhome weʼve ever seen and jammed it in the back of a 4wd, and simply made it work.

Fridge, 2 burner gas cooker, pantry space, slide out prep bench, all quality cooking gear, running water, kitchen sink, stereo, cooling fan, all 12 volt solar assisted and a very comfortable full size double bed, with extra leg room.

Just bring a good time.

Oh yeah, coffee, tea , sugar, salt and pepper, extra virgin olive oil, cutlery, can opener, sponges, tea towels, all your linen,bath and beachel towels are included too.

Ok, and a 12 volt hair dryer if you want.

The only thing we donʼt have is room for the stuff you donʼt need.

Where can you go? What can you do?

EC4 campers are made for travelling the coast and hinterlands, our campers have Parks and Wildlife passes and beach permits for the most popular spots. Inland travel can be so rewarding. The country culture and our rich farming lands offer so much.

Our Four Wheel Drives are perfect for beach access or to get you in and out of our National Parks when itʼs wet, for that life changing experience to K’gari [Fraser Island] or cruising The Great Ocean Road, the possibilities are endless.

Our campers are NOT made for off-road four-wheel driving, hill climbing, big ruts or rocks or deep water. You need your own vehicle for that stuff.

Please refer to the top of the vehicle specs section where it mentions that EC4 vehicles are fitted with front and rearcameras and GPS tracking.

4WD on Fraser Island Beach

Stockton Beach

Situated at the southern end of the Newcastle Bight, Stockton Beach’s miles and miles of coastline is a favourite for day-trippers and holiday-makers alike.

Barrington Tops 2

Barrington Tops

Immerse yourself in the World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests of Barrington Tops. Only a short drive from Newcastle with vast rainforest & woodlands. 

Kosciusko National Park 2

Mt Kosciuszko

Australia’s tallest mountain is brilliant all year round, but shines in Winter. Snow-topped peaks almost surround you as you explore from streams to the slopes.

Blue Mountains Three Sisters 2

The Blue Mountains

Exploring the Blue Mountains is like taking a trip back in time. Get off the bitumen and explore some amazing campsites, all within a 40 minute drive from Sydney CBD. 

Fraser Island 2

Fraser Island

Are you really a camper if you’ve never been on Fraser? Take the barge from the mainland to the World’s largest sand Island, with plenty to explore over its 1,655km2.